"Competitive Sourcing"

For additional information on competitive sourcing in the Forest Service, click on the links below. If the file does not load in your browser, right click and select "Save Target as" to save it on your computer, then open it from there. If you have problems accessing these documents, please contact our webmaster.


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Congressional Briefing Paper (May 12, 2008) Word Scathing GAO report justifies stronger ban on Forest Service competitive sourcing and provides lessons learned with implications for fundamental government-wide reform



GAO review of Forest Service Competitive Sourcing cites erosion of capacity and shoddy and misleading accounting (February 21, 2008). Click here for the latest news.


  Update on NEPA reorganization plan (January 23, 2008) Word
  __NEPA plan put on hold (February 29, 2008) HTML


A huge victory -- Forest Service competitive sourcing shut down by legislation: Your union has been taking the truth to Congress on this deeply flawed initiative for years. Our work has finally paid off. See the Council press release (Dec. 27, 2007) Word PDF. Relevant Interior statute and report language is posted here. New provisions in the General Government bill affect all civilian agencies. Some provisions in the DOD Authorization bill affect civilian agencies, others apply only to DOD.



Another big victory -- liability insurance reimbursement for firefighters: Your union's work to extend coverage pays off (Dec. 27, 2007) HTML



NFFE-PEER Press Release: Forest Service Outsourcing Plan Produces Big Losses (May 22, 2007) Word PDF HTML



Congressional Briefing Paper: Forest Service Responders at Risk (May 1, 2007) Word PDF



Congressional Briefing Book: An Agency At Risk: Competitive Sourcing of the Forest Service (April 12, 2007) PDF Linked version posted Feb. 10, 2008: Word



NFFE Complaint to Inspector General that Communications Competitive Sourcing Study Violates A-76 and Statutory Requirements (October 11, 2006) PDF



NFFE Complaint to Competitive Sourcing Official that Communications Competitive Sourcing Study Violates A-76 (September 14, 2006) PDF



NFFE-PEER Press Release: Forest Service Cannot Support Savings Claims for Outsourcing (August 31, 2006) Word PDF HTML



NFFE-PEER-FWFSA Press Release: Forest Service Looks to Outsource its Fire Militia (August 3, 2006) Word PDF



Congressional Briefing (May 4, 2006) PDF



NFFE Press Release: Forest Service Competitive Sourcing Contract Terminated: Shoddy Work Put Employees and Public in Unsafe Situations (May 3, 2006) HTML



* Agency plans to study over 21,000 jobs for possible outsourcing


* A specific listing of jobs for the auction block



GAO review request and acceptance letters



For earlier briefing papers and legislative history, click here

Politicians listen to their constituents. Contact your representatives and tell them what you think about the wholesale outsourcing of government work.

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