The Recruitment Committee aids Locals' recruitment efforts and strategically plans to increase NFFE membership within the Forest Service.

Recruitment Committee

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Recruitment Resources

The opportunities for growth in our union are bigger and brighter now than it has been in years! Here are some resources to help:

Recruiting tips: How to hold a fun and effective recruiting event.

Recruiting event notice: A simple template to send to management for events to be held in the workplace. You can then get tables, bulletin boards, etc. from them to support your recruiting event.

For Union Officials Use Only:

  • 1187 membership form: Includes instructions for how to complete and file the form.
  • IAM membership form: This form gets employees entered into the IAM system and also qualifies them for Union Plus benefits. Please be sure it is completed and submitted at the same time as the 1187. Instructions for filing this form are included on the form itself.
  • AD-356: Dues Change - Between Locals Within a Labor Organization

NOTE: SF 1187s, SF 1188s and AD 356s must be sent for processing to the following address or fax number (employees and union officials should each keep a copy of these forms for their records):

USDA Forest Service, ASC/HRM
3900 Masthead Street NE
Mailstop 225
Attention: PAY
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Fax (866) 339-6435.

Information for NFFE Bargaining Unit Employees can be found in Appendix B and Article 39 of the Master Agreement. Instructions for cancelling payroll deductions for dues can be found in the HRM Pay Compensation Guide.

Council reimbursement policy and form:

NFFE/FSC Orientation presentation If you wish to show employees a powerpoint presentation on our union, here's one you can use.

NFFE Incentives: For each new member that a Local signs up, the Local will be paid $100 per completed SF-1187. Payment will be made on a monthly basis; however, in order to receive payment, all Locals must submit signed and completely filled-out SF-1187s to the NFFE National Office, C/O National Secretary-Treasurer. The submitted SF-1187s will be used to tally new members and determine payment to the Locals. In addition, the top five Locals with the greatest percentage increase in density will be invited to send a representative to the next Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. the following year, all expenses paid by NFFE.

Guidance for Correcting Bargaining Unit Status Codes

Local Presidents can access the most current list of FS Bargaining Unit employees at:

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