Civil Rights Committee


Updated: - 01 February 2017

Name / Position Title Contact Details

Chris Berry - Chair

Phone (w): 703-605-5305
Phone (c): n/a

Lillian Altman

Phone (w): 505-563-7301
Phone (c): n/a

Robert Beckley

Phone (w): 406-329-3996
Phone (c): n/a

Dave Chevalier

Phone (w): 801-975-3359
Phone (c): 801-641-6819

Joe Duran

Phone (w): 805-925-9538 ext 220
Phone (c): n/a

Alisha Murri

Phone (w): 801-625-5438
Phone (c): n/a

Nancy Soriano

Phone (w): 907-228-6317
Phone (c): n/a

Beverly Tobin

Phone (w): 270-286-4514
Phone (c): n/a


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