The Fire Committee identifies issues affecting Fire bargaining unit employees and keep the FSC Executive Board, Forest Service Partnership Council, Local Lodges, and Fire bargaining unit employees apprised of these matters. The Fire Committee assists the FSC Executive Board and the Partnership Council to develop issue statements that can be used by the parties to discuss and resolve issues that are unique to the Fire bargaining unit employees.



NFFE-FSC Response to Steep Creek Accident Report

  • Posted 28 February 2013

The report of investigation on the death of Anne Veseth has been completed.  The Union believes there are still some serious concerns about the findings in the report and the path forward to prevent similar fatalities in the future.  Read the SAI and the union response below.



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Updated: - 01 February 2017

Name / Position Title Contact Details

Joe Duran - Chair

Phone (w): 805-925-9538 ext.220
Phone (c): 805-448-66617

David Alicea

Phone (w): 530-621-5286
Phone (c): 530-391-6635

Charlie Armiger

Phone (w): n/a
Phone (c): 928-310-4807

Robert (Bob) Beckley

Phone (w): 406-329-3996
Phone (c): 406-396-2322

Matt Brown

Phone (w): n/a
Phone (c): 928-295-5971

Kerri Gilliland

Phone (w): 530-286-2222
Phone (c): n/a

Jon Knapper

Phone (w): 218-229-8824
Phone (c): 218-780-8985

Lonnie Lewis

Phone (w): 530-233-8712
Phone (c): n/a

Jonathan (Hoby) Miller

Phone (w): 208-634-0466
Phone (c): 208-634-9430

Josh Northrup

Phone (w): 509-548-2584
Phone (c): n/a

Peyton (Levi) Ray

Phone (w): 760-876-6233
Phone (c): 760-937-1535

Todd Walker

Phone (w): 803-725-7379
Phone (c): 803-341-7180

Brian Whetsler

Phone (w): 541-426-5658
Phone (c): 541-263-0862



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