The Grievance Committee constitutes the legal staff of the Council, being versed in the appropriate regulations pertaining to personnel policies and the working environment. The Committee receives and investigates grievance questions referred to it by member Local Lodges; advises on procedure and grievance and appeal questions. The Committee refers unresolvable disputes and complaints, or requests with recommendations on whether or not to invoke arbitration to the Executive Board.

Retroactive Career Ladder Promotions

Information shared with HRM Staff Leaders on how and when to process career ladder promotions:




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  • Last updated: 05 December 2012
Name Contact Details

Nancy Soriano - Chair

  • 907-228-6314 Work
  • 907-617-2337 Cell

Lonnie Lewis – Senior Grievance Specialist

  • 530-233-8712 Work
Charlie Armiger
  • 928-203-2908 Work
  • 928-310-4807 Cell
  • 928-203-7539 Fax
  • 928-567-5467 Alt. Fax

Ed Buursma

  • 503-630-8734 Work

Steve Flory, NFFE Business Representative

  • 208-667-5643 Work
  • 208-667-5643 Work
  • 202-257-3460 Work
  • Flory[at]

Randy T Meyer

  • 530-295-3037 Work
  • 530-503-5964 Cell

Sam Nevarez

  • 505-563-9377 Work
  • 505-377-3325 Cell

Sean Thomas

  • 541-592-4083 Work
  • 541-326-2516 Cell
  • 541-592-4085 Fax

Douglas Vanover

  • 606-354-2176 Work




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