Health Insurance for Wildland Firefighters



Health Insurance Victory!

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has published an interim final rule which authorizes eligibility for temporary firefighters and fire protection personnel to enroll for health coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program effective the first pay period beginning on or after July 17, 2012.  Temporary employees who provide emergency services or on-site support for fire protection are now eligible under the FEHB Program.

Note: the OPM Benefits Bulletin states, "in determining whether to extend health benefits coverage for employees, agencies should focus on the duties performed, regardless of the position's title, occupational series, grade level or geographic location."  The Forest Service has been including any employee who is red-carded.  To contact the Forest Service Albuquerque Service Center about this benefit, call 1-877-372-7248, press 2, press 2 again, then press 4 to request to speak with a member of the Benefits staff.

NFFE-FSC led the charge on this successful effort and we continue to work for more fundamental temporary employment reform.  See Temporary Hire for more information, including how you can help.



Thank You for Taking the NFFE-FSC Health Insurance Survey

The survey is now closed.  We used survey results to draft our formal comment to OPM in which we advocated for making health insurance coverage available to all temporary seasonal employees expected to work for 90 or more days in a season.  Thanks also to those who followed our links and sent comments directly to OPM.  264 comments were received.



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