The Training Committee devises an efficient, reliable, responsive and effective method of training delivery for the membership on contract and labor statute matters.  The Committee coordinates National or Regional training sessions.



2015 Forest Service Council Training Catalogs

2016 National Training Cadre (per Article 31)

  • Melissa Baumann
  • Chris Berry
  • Dave Chevalier
  • Lance Hamann
  • Howard Jubas
  • Debbie Kaufman
  • Karen Mora
  • Shawn Stanford
  • Danté Whittaker
  • Kelly Wolcott


Forest Service Council (FSC) – Intermediate Steward Training

Intermediate Steward Training Announcement Email.

Intermediate Steward Training – November 13 - 18, 2016 (IAMAW William W. Winpisinger Training Center in Hollywood, MD)

Applications for training are due – September 14, 2016


Local Training Plans

2017 Local Training Plans are due by September 15, 2016.



Training Archive

Training materials from past training sessions are available on the Members Only Section of the NFFE website at:



Union-Sponsored Training Requirements

Please be sure to follow the direction in Article 31 - Labor-Management Training - 1. Union-Sponsored Training:

c. Local Annual Training Plan: Annually, the Local Union will provide the appropriate Management Official per Article 11.3(d) with a yearly training plan for their Local no later than September 15 for the upcoming fiscal year. A copy will also be provided to the unit's LMR contact. The training plan will include the name of each attendee to receive the training and the specific location, course name or subject, approximate dates, and estimated travel costs and hours. The parties will have discussions prior to incurring any travel and per diem costs. The Parties acknowledge that special training needs and opportunities may arise during the year and the training plan will be updated, including any additional participants, when additions or changes are made. The Union agrees that training should be distributed among Union officials in an efficient manner and that each official will not normally receive more than 40 hours of training per year.107

Travel expenses and per diem are authorized pursuant to use of this time; however, the most cost effective locations and dates will be used consistent with meeting the training needs. The use of vehicles is authorized in accordance with the provisions of Article 7.

For more information on this and related topics, please reference the Master Agreement.



Training Committee Members

Updated: - 01 February 2017

Name / Position Title Contact Details

Debbie Kaufman - Chair

Phone (w): 703-605-4642
Phone (c): n/a

Chris Berry

Phone (w): 703-605-5305
Phone (c): n/a

Dave Chevalier

Phone (w): 801-975-3359
Phone (c): 801-641-6819

Shawn Stanford

Phone (w): 208-253-0125
Phone (c): n/a




Reno 2010 presentations



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