The Training Committee is responsible for developing the National Union Training Catalog with input from the Local Lodges and the Executive Board.  It is also responsible for the development and administration of FSC courses.



Training Committee Members

Updated: - 16 June 2017

Please send any comments or questions regarding Union training to the FSC Training Committee mailbox (FS-NFFE FSC Training).

Name / Position Title Contact Details

Debbie Kaufman - Chair

Email: n/a
Phone (w): 703-605-4642 (w)
Phone (c): n/a

Fax n/a

Melissa Baumann

Email: mbaumann
Phone (w): 608-231-9278
Phone (c): 608-698-2645

Fax n/a

Chris Berry

Email: cberry01
Phone (w): 703-605-5305
Phone (c): n/a

Fax n/a

Shawn Stanford

Email: smstanford
Phone (w): 208-253-0125
Phone (c): n/a

Fax n/a



This is one of the articles that was opened and negotiated in 2016. It has significantly changed from the previous contract and Local Lodges need to review the article and note new requirements for approval of courses and any timeframes or due dates. Link to Master Agreement here.

2017 National Union Training Catalog

As per the Master Agreement, the Union at the National Level will provide Management’s National Labor Relations Officer with a Catalog of planned training courses that may be appropriate for employees to be released on official time to attend. The Catalog shall contain the course title, content summary, agenda, and number of training bank hours to be used. Below is a copy of the approved catalog and the letter from management regarding the courses that were submitted by the Union, with explanations for the why some of the courses were denied.

FSC National Training Cadre (per Article 31)

The Training Cadre members are those union officials who will provide training as described in the approved Training Catalog.

  • Melissa Baumann
  • Chris Berry
  • Dave Chevalier
  • Renee Crawford
  • Ken Dinsmore
  • Lance Hamann
  • Debbie Kaufman
  • Karen Mora
  • Shawn Patterson
  • Shawn Stanford
  • Sean Thomas
  • Kelly Wolcott
  • Jennifer Wooley
  • Lisa Wolfe



Local Lodge Training Plans

Article 31.1.c. Local Lodge Training Plan

(1) By September 15 of each year, the Local Lodge will provide the appropriate Management official(s) and designated Labor Relations Specialist(s) with the Local Lodge’s training plan for the upcoming fiscal year. The training plan will identify the planned attendees and their Organized Units, course title (from the Training Catalog), dates, locations, training bank hours to be used, and estimated travel costs. The Local Lodge will promptly provide the appropriate Management official(s) and designated Labor Relations Specialist with any updates or changes to the training plan during the year. The Union agrees that training should be distributed among Union officials in an efficient manner and that each official will not normally receive more than 40 hours of training per year. The use of government owned or leased transportation is authorized in accordance with the provisions in Article 7.7.

2018 Local Training Plans are due by September 15, 2017.



Training Archive

Training materials from past training sessions are available on the Members Only Section of the NFFE website at:



Reno 2010 presentations



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