2016 Union Convention Information

NFFE Forest Service Council Convention – September 24-25, 2016

NFFE National Convention – September 26-29, 2016

Buena Vista Palace Resort, Orlando, FL


General Information

  • Your airport is Orlando International Airport (MCO).
  • Forest Service Council Convention starts first thing Saturday, September 24.
  • NFFE National Convention registration starts on Sunday afternoon, September 25 and continues in the morning of September 26.
  • Both Conventions officially close late in the day on September 29. Your Local should ensure that delegates are present throughout both Conventions.

Hotel Reservations

Local Transportation

  • Delegates probably do not need to rent a car for the week.  Taxi cabs from the airport to the Resort area will run close to $60 or $70. 
  • If delegates have the time and/or their Locals are trying to save money, there is a shared shuttle service at a considerably reduced cost.  You can make advanced reservations for the shuttle:  http://www.mearstransportation.com/



NFFE Forest Service Council Convention

Forest Service Council Convention Information and Documents

Committee Chairpersons for the FSC Convention

Committee Chairpersons for the FSC Convention can assist with questions about the following specific topics. Email addresses given are the Forest Service shortname addresses.

  • Credentials: Cindy White (cwhite). Contact Cindy if you are missing FSC Credentials.
  • Elections: Karen Mora (kmora)
  • Bylaws: Debbie Kaufman (dkaufman)
  • General questions about Convention may be addressed to Melissa Baumann (mbaumann)



NFFE National Convention

NFFE National Information and Documents

Information regarding the NFFE National Convention can be found on the NFFE website.

Convention Committee Chairs

  • Credentials: Lisa Wolfe.
  • If you are missing credentials, please contact Randy Erwin (rerwin@nffe.org)
  • Elections: David Chevalier
  • Bylaws: Liz McDargh
  • Questions about logistics for the NFFE Convention should be addressed to Jai Atkins at NFFE.


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