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18 August 2015 - NFFE-sponsored Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act (LMWFA)!!!!

Man looking into the Sun with outstretched arms symbolizing victory

It has taken years of work by your union, but the NFFE-sponsored Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act (LMWFA) is now the law of the land!  It passed Congress on August 5, 2015 and was signed into law by President Barack Obama on August 7, 2015.  It is now Public Law 114-47. 







01 July 2015 - Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Cyber Security Breach

This continues to be a Hot Topic for employees and the Union.  There are many Unions and organizations that have come together to bring our concerns forward.  Here is a copy of a letter addressed to President Obama that was signed by many of these Unions and organizations.  As you can see, the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE), of which the Forest Service Council is a part, signed this letter.




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