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Submitting Your Form

The best way to submit these forms is through your Local Union officials. Local Presidents are listed on this web page. If you do not know how to contact your Local officials, you may sign and mail the forms to:

Melissa Baumann
One Gifford Pinchot Dr.
Madison, WI 53726

Once your forms are submitted to the Union, we will sign them and send them to ASC-HRM for processing. You can expect to see dues being withheld from your paycheck in two to three pay periods. If you do not, please contact your Local Union official or Melissa Baumann for assistance in opening a CRM case.

Note: Your particular bargaining unit may or may not include employees in professional job series and/or temporary, term, seasonal employees. You will be notified if you are ineligible to join NFFE based on the specific definition of your bargaining unit.

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