Nationally Negotiated Memorandums of Understanding

Agency Service Provider Performance and Collateral Duties, 12/2004
ASC - HCM Issue Resolution Team Process for pre-Greivance and Greivances, 01/2008

Drug Testing

Enterprise Program, 3/2007
GOV Contractor-Issued Travel Charge Card
Health Screening Questionnaire: Resolution agreement, 4/2007
HSPD-12 Background Investigations or Requests for Security Clearances, revised 11/2007
Master Agreement extension to June 2, 2010, 10/2007
Medical Qualification Standards Program for arduous firefighting positions, 10/2006
NFFE Organizational Structure Changes and Blanket Dues Amount Changes, 2/2008

Performance Management

Supplemental Performance Standard - Managing Work Assignments


Union Telework

Use of Communication Devices while Driving

Wellness, 1/2003

Work Capacity Test

Workforce Implementation Strategies for IT and FM

Workforce Transition Strategies for IT and FMIP, phase 2


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